Woolmakers Bliss Spinningwheel

Collection spinning wheels

We are quite proud of the beautiful collection of spinning wheels that we have. At the moment we have two types of spinning wheels, a single pedaling spinning wheel, the Bliss, and a double pedaling spinning wheel, the Bliss TT.

Technology spinning wheels

Both Woolmakers spinning wheels are equipped with the Scotch tension technique. This means that the spinning wheel is powered via flight and the spool has adjustable braking to regulate the tension on the thread. This system is very suitable for spinning thinner threads.

Quality spinning wheels

Our spinning wheels are of high quality and are made in the Netherlands. The parts are made of plywood with HPL, high-quality plastics and metals. This ensures that the spinning wheel is easy to keep clean and does not need to be coated with paint. Our spinning wheels are built to last a lifetime.

Woolmakers Bliss TT Spinningwheel

Design spinning wheels

The Bliss and the Bliss TT, our spinning wheels have a modern design. A design that is pleasant to look at and often put in the living room with pleasure. They have been lovingly designed to get the most out of spinning as much as possible.

Price spinning wheels

10 years ago we started selling spinning wheels. We have started selling our spinning wheels online so that we can keep prices low. We still do this to this day.

Questions about spinning wheels

When you buy a Woolmakers spinning wheel, you get a whole team of experts. Together we ensure that your Woolmakers spinning wheel continues to work and your questions are answered. On our website we have a large collection of spare parts in the unlikely event that something breaks.

Future spinning wheels

We are busy expanding the spinning wheel collection. We really enjoy this hobby and are happy to be able to share it with others.